Real talk . . . You want to be successful.


But, you’re not interested in the nervous hustle style of success that you’ve been seeing all over the internet.

You know that approaching your business with that kind of energy is a one-way ticket straight to overwhelm and burn out.

It’s the dream of freedom to do what you love and still live an amazing life that brought you to the decision to work for yourself, after all.

You want the kind of success that allows you to have space to breathe, to be all of you. 

You want that long-term, marathon, sustainable style of success

Meg Zirger
I would know. I’ve been there, done that, and back again.

Hey there! I’m Meg!

I help creative entrepreneurs grow their business from the inside out. Because all real change starts with working on the inner you: The mindset, The habits, The self-management, the self-care.

After having chased my vision for success for many years, in all the wrong ways, I’m now securely grounded in my belief that mastery in these areas is at the root of sustainable success (in life + business).

And it all starts by transforming the person who makes your business tick:


Through wicked self-awareness, careful design of behavior change, and plenty of experimentation and integration…not to mention an accreditation recognized by the International Coaching Federation…I have created a life I love and built a business that feels good.

And, now I want to help you do the same.

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    It doesn’t have to be a stressful ride.

    It can be made into an adventure, a game which you can absolutely win.

    And when you start to become a master of your inner world and show up as the you you need to be to reach your vision that is when you start to thrive! 

    Your business will start growing easily and you’ll be asking yourself…wait, this is how fun and simple it can be?

    It’s time to say adios to the things that have been holding you back all this 

    time. And start kicking some ass! It’s time to grow your business, from the inside out!

    Let me show you how. 

    Meg Zirger

    Ready to become the CEO you know you can be?

    Let’s get you wickedly aware of your inner world.