True success in business does not come from running anxiously after what we want . . .

It comes from inner awareness, shifts in the way you show up and aligned action with your vision.

Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world and your business is a mirror of you, the inner entrepreneur.

That’s why I get so pumped to help female entrepreneurs transform their inner world!

If you want to see growth in your business, have clarity, confidence and feel in control, you have to become aware of the mindset, habits and routines you currently hold and let go of the hustling, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk. 

And this kind of transformation takes effort and time. 

It takes a wickedly deep awareness, careful behavior design, concrete planning, experimentation and adjustment. 

Meg Zirger Coaching

How would you feel if I told you that you could . . . 

Have a deep understanding of your uniqueness. Your top values and gifts so we can align your success plan with them and leverage that amazingness! 

Be able to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that you engage in which keep you from becoming that kick-ass CEO we both know you can be. 

Learn how to cultivate confidence so that putting yourself out there, having hard conversations, and making difficult decisions can feel easy! 

Feel in control of your days.  Quit drowning in the hustle, trying to do all the things. Know exactly what to focus on and how to keep that focus and momentum going strong. 

Learn how to balance the doing and the bein

Transforming the Inner Entrepreneur

Transforming Your Inner Entrepreneur is my signature 16-week private coaching program for female entrepreneurs who know that success in their business starts with THEM and are ready to grow their business from the inside out. 

In this program, we will greatly expand your self-awareness and align your business with you and your amazingness (unique values and gifts). 

We will also identify habits patterns, mindset, and self-management keeping you stuck. 

Transforming your Inner Entrepreneur is NOT one-size-fits all, and is customized for each client. It is deep coaching that integrates behavior and personality psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. 

If you are ready to stop running after success anxiously and scale your business in a way that is sustainable, easy and fun this program is for you.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

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Create Clarity + Alignment:  

Uncovering your vision of success as well as top values and gifts through exercises as well as tools from psychology. 

Aligning your business to you, your strengths (and weaknesses), your story! 

Undoing + Redesigning 

Unearthing habits, mindset and self-managing strategies that don’t serve your vision and your goals. 

Carefully redesign each of these areas through reprogramming exercises, meticulous habit and self-management design for lasting behavior change (that still feels fun). 

Design Your Workflow: 

Discovering your accountability style, unique energy rhythms, and ways to create focus so that you can get things done in a way that feels easy to you. 

Creating very concrete plans with the next steps to reach your goals. 

Cultivate Confidence: 

Unearthing subconscious patterns that make you feel inadequate and keep you from doing great things and being your magic self. 

Growing confidence through habit and exercises based in neuroscience. 


Boost balance + Self 

Learning how to balance doing and being

Moving things forward while also creating the space, energy and freedom to learn, grow and take care of yourself. We want you feeling excited, creative and rested.

The program includes:

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A kick-off call

to define your accountability style, personality and tweak the program to YOU. This is all about what you need and where you want to go.

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6 x bi-weekly coaching sessions

of 1-1 time where we will overcome roadblocks, carefully re-design your habits and mindset towards your goals. You can expect deep work as well as concrete actions to take after every session. 

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Personalized accountability and action steps

to keep you focused, having fun, and moving things forward in between our coaching sessions.

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Unlimited 1:1 support

Through voice + text messaging, email and Trello (A fun + visual project manager).

Amanda Dupuis

Before working with Meg I knew that I wanted to create a location independent lifestyle and that I would need help. Meg has a special way of guiding me through and I always leave our sessions knowing exactly what I need to do. Working with Meg has not only changed the way I work, but it has given me the confidence to take leaps and risks that seemed insurmountable before. I am currently traveling the world and shifting my business strategy to allow me to live my dream! 

Stephanie Lay

Meg is full of amazing advice and has inspired me to take courageous action after each of our calls. I resonated with her message about helping female entrepreneurs build a new identity and embrace their most authentic selves. She has helped me to shed the layers of fear and lack of confidence holding me back so that my authentic and confident self could shine through. 

Mona Abow

Working with Meg has been transformational for me. She has helped me discover unique and creative ways to accelerate reaching my goals.  Meg brought so much value to every session. Through Meg’s coaching, I was able to create a clear plan to transition from my 9-5 job and gain the freedom to live life on my own terms.  Give Meg a try and discover a world of possibilities for your success!

Molly Maine

Meg has helped me to identify and focus on areas that I am passionate about, which in turn has brought a deeper sense of purpose and authenticity to my work. Our sessions have given me the tools to uncover what it is that I love and what I’m good at helping me to find the confidence to express myself.