Hey, I’m Meg!

Your new go-to coach, optimizer and energetic nerd. 

I’m on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs like you step into the best version of themselves, make a real difference and scale their business while having fun. 

This building a business thing doesn’t have to be an endless circuit of self-doubt and overwhelm. 

You can: 

  • Feel in control of your time and emotions and days (I’d say having both time and days is redundant). 
  • Operate from a place of clarity and confidence and show up consistently for yourself. 
  • Rewire negative habit loops and self-talk that keeps you stuck and playing small. 
  • Create a fun business that fits you and the life you have always wanted to lead! 

And that is why I do what I do. 


I know what you might be thinking …

Meg’s got it all together.

Well, let me tell you, when I got started in the business world I was one lost kiddo. I thought it was all about the doing. The strategy. 

Which resulted in many uncomfortable months and constant overwhelm … eventually I burnt out. Heck, I’ll just tell you . . . I landed myself in bed with depression. 

Not fun stuff, guys. 

And when I went back to the world of business, guess what … 

I committed some of the exact same mistakes. 

It took falling down multiple times for me to really see that agency in your outcomes (and in business) comes from mastery of your inner world. 

It’s about learning the art and science of self-management (self-discipline, compassion, time + energy management), habits, mindset.

It’s about rewiring the programming and programming you’ve received, letting go of perfectionism, under confidence and negative self-talk tendencies. 

And in seeing that was what was failing me, I became so obsessed with personal growth and transformation. 

And I need to help awesome entrepreneurs like you do the same. 

Seriously. Need. It’s like an aching I have inside. 

So, that is what this nerd and optimizer over here is devoted to learning, growing and helping others do the same. 

This is why I help my clients step into radical self-awareness and equip them with the tools they need to feel empowered and evolve as they navigate the ups and downs of business and life. 

I am a coach. But I also see myself as an architect. 

I help amazing humans like you see where you want to go and build the concrete plans to get there through the BEING: 

  • Habits 
  • Mindset (limiting beliefs, programming, socialization) 
  • Self-talk 
  • Confidence 

And the DOING: 

  • Maginging attention, time and energy
  • Ideation + execution of concrete (yet flexible plans)

And this is how my clients build the business and life they want.

Through inner transformation (the being) and outer alignment and consistency (the doing). 

If you are ready to create concrete blueprints for your success and to bring those to life, let’s chat.


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  • I studied undergrad in the United States: (B.A.) Spanish(B.S.) Foreign Language Education. (Miami of Ohio)
  • I moved to Spain at age 22 and have been living and working here since
  • I led the grand opening and managed the first 3 years of an English school in Spain
  • I completed my Coaching certification (2019)
Meg Zirger